WordPress or Joomla: Who’s the King?

%d0%ba%d0%b586A large percentage of websites are powered by WordPress; however, it is not the only content management system which is available to build and manage websites. Another popular and awesome piece of website creating/managing software is Joomla. The aforementioned software’s have quite a lot in common, but they also have their differences. Therefore, in this article I will compare WordPress with Joomla and give you my opinion (feel free to disagree) on which one I think is the best.

What Do They Both Have in Common?

  • They are both free to use and are licensed by GPL (General Public License)
  • They are both written in PHP
  • They both support MySQL (WordPress only supports MySQL, whilst Joomla can also support other database management systems)
  • They can both be expanded via the use of plugins
  • They both use themes and templates and this enables you to change the visual appearance of your site

So those are some of the similarities, now let us take a look at some of the differences that exist between the software’s.

Ease of Use

Most people who want to create a website are not highly experienced/trained web developers or programmers. Therefore, it is imperative that the software which is available to build and manage a website is easy to use.

WordPressIs easy to use and the installation time is only five minutes. Once installation is complete, the user is faced with a simple and clean-cut interface complete with clearly labelled menus which can be used to create pages and posts and to customise the themes and appearance of your website.

JoomlaIt does not install as quickly as WordPress does; although, having said that, it is not a slow installation by any stretch of the imagination. After the installation process is complete, the user is faced with a more complex interface; there are a load of menus to choose from to customise your website (although this, ultimately, might make things more daunting for beginners).

Support Options and Security

When trying out new software for the first time there is a good chance that you will come across some difficulties. Therefore, it is important there is adequate help available.

%d0%ba%d0%b587WordPressThere are loads of forums, handbooks, chatrooms, documents, tutorials, videos and articles available to help WordPress users. There is also reasonably priced professional help available if you need a problem solved quickly.

JoomlaAlso has plenty of forums, chatrooms, documents and videos available to help its users. Professional help is also available; however, it is a lot more expensive than WordPress.

Security is important for any website as they are all susceptible to security threats.

WordPressIts popularity means that it is regularly targeted by hackers. However, it is built on a secure code and responds to security lapses very quickly. If there are any new security updates available, the software updates automatically

%d0%ba%d0%b588JoomlaWhen it comes down to security, it is very similar to WordPress as it responds quickly to security lapses. However, any new security updates must be installed by the user.


Both are undoubtedly fantastic pieces of software; however, in my opinion, WordPress has the edge over Joomla due to the fact that it is slightly easier to use, has marginally better and cheaper support options and updates its security automatically.