Are mobile friendly sites really that important?

%d0%ba%d0%b581We are currently living in a time of growth for mobile technologies and the way people are using them. With each new innovation, a new trend in usage pops up and we can easily see which ideas thrive and which die out based on popularity. Whichever trend you are thinking about, one thing is certain. Mobile technology is here to stay and it is getting more and more engrained into our society on almost every level.

If you were to check the device inventory of several average households, you would come up with a similar list for almost every one of them. You would find one Smartphone for every person living in the house, a tablet or two, a laptop, and a desktop computer. While each of these platforms comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, they all have very specific usage styles, screen styles, storage capabilities, RAM sizes, etc. If you are a CEO of a company wishing to make your content available to the public, you are faced with a lot of questions and considerations. The most important of these considerations is how to get your content to show efficiently and attractively on every possible device.

Why Do You Need One?

%d0%ba%d0%b582More and more people are accessing the web on-the-go. Companies that do not respond to the growing trend are likely to be passed over in favour of a similar company with more accessibility. For each industry, the popularity and level of need for mobile content is different. Generally speaking, most companies that benefit from websites also benefit from a mobile version of their site.

A quick look at some of the numbers and trends in the US is enough to tell you why mobiles are so important. Since 2010, mobile data consumption has grown to huge proportions. In just the last few years, the amount of time that people spend on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets has risen far beyond 400% of the time spent in 2010. That number alone should be enough to illustrate the trend, but there are still more impressive numbers to come.

Almost three quarters of all of the US citizens who use technological devices to go online, are using a combination of home desktop computers or laptops, tablets, and/or Smartphones. As time goes on, the number of people using mobile devices is very likely to reach almost 100%. Needless to say, that is a very good reason to make sure that your content is easily viewable on any type of platform.