What I learned from being a casino webmaster

%d0%ba%d0%b580When it comes to being a webmaster, there are a huge number of things to stay on top of. Throw gambling and people’s money into the mix and the complications go through the roof very quickly. From security concerns to software solutions that meet customers’ needs for advertisement and search engine optimization, this multi-faceted job is truly complex.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

One of the first things that I learned when first becoming a casino webmaster was that there is a huge problem when your customer’s content doesn’t fit or work on a client’s device. I figured out pretty quickly that I would not be able to do all of the CSS coding myself, so I started to look for other solutions. I found that the adaptive format works best as people log onto my sites from almost every type of device.


In a sea of online casinos, another primary concern for a webmaster is how to get noticed. You want your work to take off and start making you money. There is a lot of competition out there and the way to make any money is to get a considerable number of people to play on your site. The answer, of course, is search engine optimization, and until I learned a few things about that, I was dragging my feet.


I had worked on several websites before I started working on gambling sites and although the security was always at the forefront of every decision, it is a whole different matter when you are dealing with the amount of money that is traded on casino sites.

Reputation and Customer Retention

Once you get your customers and have figured out how to keep them and their money safe, you have to try to find ways of keeping your customers. One way that I do that on my sites is by providing content that is useful. The types of useful content are quite varied, but include FAQs and walkthroughs to make using the site easier. Another thing that must always stay central to the webmasters planning and decisions is that every action taken has a long-term effect. If people begin to lose their trust in you, you’re done.

Affiliate Programmes

Affiliate programmes are the casino webmaster’s best friend so long as the affiliate programme is a solid one. It would literally take years to code by hand all of the pizzazz that these programmes bring to the table. It would also be almost impossible to offer the same rates that the affiliates are able to offer. They have an advantage due to the high volume that they deal in and that advantage leads to agreements with companies that you, as a lone webmaster, would not likely be able to achieve.

The affiliates are also able to offer some of the best free spins no deposit campaigns towards visitors. Giving them incentives for players to sign up.

The thing about choosing an affiliate program is that you have to look at the commission rates, account management capabilities, player yields, payment systems, and the software that powers them. If you find a combination that suits your plan, most of the work of created and maintaining the website is then commissioned to the affiliate programme. You may take a financial hit by outsourcing the work, but the time you gain allows you to look into other ventures at the same time, which has the possibility of increasing your average annual income several times over.

Top Five Affiliate Programmes

  • %d0%ba%d0%b578Fortune Affiliates
  • ReferBack
  • Star Partner
  • Affiliate Edge
  • Focal Click

Casino Regulatory Organisations

There have been a number of affiliate programmes that have been identified as being dishonest, either in their direct contact with customers or by utilizing cheating software. Organisations such as the APCW look out for these types of affiliates and warn webmasters as well as the general public of the underhanded dealings that they find through their audits of those companies.

Examples of common issues that would land an affiliate on a blacklist are not paying out money to players who fairly won or paying back less than they should. They can also sometimes change their rules without making them public so players and webmasters can make decisions that are misguided and only really benefit the affiliate. These decisions are taken deliberately for this reason.

There have been a number of cases where affiliates have been caught outright stealing by using software that was made to cheat. Luckily, there are groups of watchful people who keep tabs on all of the affiliates to try and keep the industry from slipping into unprofessional territory.

Recently Blacklisted Affiliate Programmes

  • %d0%ba%d0%b579AffPower
  • Brightshare
  • Buffalo Partners
  • Gambling Wages
  • Rome Partners

Legal Issues around the World

When running your own casino website, you must quickly learn about all of the different laws and regulations that exist from region to region and country to country. In most countries, there are restrictions on some software, affiliates, game types, and payment systems. Each country has ideas about what is acceptable and what is not; how to deliver the right content to the right people is an important concern.

Final Thoughts

Although it is an enormous amount of work running a casino site, I have always really enjoyed the experience and everything that I have learned from it. The online gaming industry is like none other and once you have run a successful casino, you can be a webmaster for almost any other type of company.