What Can a Webmaster Earn in the UK?

%d0%ba%d0%b589I have been working as a Webmaster for just over five years now and, in all honesty, I have enjoyed every minute of it. In this article I will briefly explain what a webmaster is, what a webmaster’s main responsibilities are, why you might want to consider becoming a webmaster, what the typical UK wages are for a Webmaster and how they might vary significantly depending on your location and the size of the company you work for.

What is a Webmaster?

Simply put, a webmaster, also known as a web developer, a website administrator, a website publisher or a website coordinator, is someone who is responsible for maintaining a website or numerous websites. With the ever increasing growth of the World Wide Web, the demand for talented Webmasters is dramatically on the rise.

What Are a Webmaster’s Main Responsibilities?

%d0%ba%d0%b590Generally, the webmaster’s main responsibilities include:

  • Registering and maintaining a website (making sure it is running properly)
  • Designing the website as well as supervising programmers and page designers
  • Updating the web pages when necessary
  • Monitoring the size of the website to ensure that the permitted disk space and bandwidth is not surpassed
  • Monitoring the traffic which visits the site
  • Problem solving
  • Replying to user comments
  • Creating Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts
  • Planning the future growth of the website

Why Become a Webmaster?

It is becoming easier and easier to create your own webpage and, as a result, many people, either as a profession or just as a hobby, have the aspiration of becoming a webmaster. If you are not too sure whether you would like to learn about becoming a webmaster then take a quick look at the following list and, if any of the reasons apply to you, then I’d recommend considering it:

  • Do you want to advertise/sell a service or product?
  • Do you want to create awareness about a particular topic?
  • Do you want to promote your career or something you do in your free time (hobby)?
  • Do you want to share information about one of your hobbies or a particular skill with similarly minded people?
  • Do you want to promote a new ideology?

N.B. These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to think about learning about becoming a webmaster.

What is the Salary of a Webmaster in the UK?

%d0%ba%d0%b591The average wage of a junior webmaster in the UK is typically around £19000-£25000 per annum. A mid-level to senior webmaster will usually earn somewhere around £25000-£35000 per year, whilst a highly experienced and qualified webmaster can earn in the region of £35000 to £50000 per annum.

Obviously, the salary size is totally dependent upon the size and location of the company that you are working for. For example, in the UK, your salary will be much higher if you are working for a big company in the heart of London. Top webmasters who are employed by big companies in the city of London can earn up to £80000 (if not more) per annum.